Christmas Gifts

I’m at that point now where people don’t seem to want anything for Christmas – in many cases they already have everything they need and don’t want any more clutter (or are just being plain difficult!). This year, I decided to embark on some handmade gifts in the hope that it the time and care that had gone into creating them would be more appreciated than any … Continue reading Christmas Gifts

2017 Plans

I’d already had some thoughts and ideas for what will make it onto my sewing table this year, when I saw  @rochelle_new’s instagram  initiative #2017MakeNine. I joined instagram a couple of months ago  (@ellarooo85 if you’re interested 😉 ) and I’ve followed some really good projects  (#littlereddressproject, #lindenswap, #seamstresstag…..), but I’ve not really been in a position to join in. However, a new year, new … Continue reading 2017 Plans

New Look 2451

This is one of my absolute favourite patterns. I find the shape of the yoke, and how it sits flat against the tummy with the fullness of the pleats on the skirt body very flattering. I’ve only ever made view D, as this length suits me best (I have pretty short legs). I might explore the gored version at some point though for a bit … Continue reading New Look 2451


Welcome everyone to my new blog! I’ve made great use of some brilliant blogs whilst on my dressmaking adventure, now I feels its time to give something back to the community! I find the tips, reviews, and inspiration invaluable when tackling a new project, and I hope to help some new people along the way. First, a bit about me…. I got the dressmaking bug … Continue reading Welcome!